Dave Spice

From Bournemouth to the mountains of Andalusia - our Journey

Dave Spice
From Bournemouth to the mountains of Andalusia - our Journey

From the shores of the UK to the mountains of Spain, this is our story.

We are often asked what brought us here, and the answer is simple; life. Life takes unexpected twists and turns and we follow where it takes us. when one door closes another opens, and our life has been an endless stream of opening and closing doors!

We have four daughters between us. Four incredible human beings that make us proud every day. They all grew up and have their own lives, strong independent women forging their paths in the world.

So what do parents do when their children fly the nest? Time for us … still young enough for another chapter in life, young enough for more adventures.

So Dave began thinking about moving abroad. 
The King of Research I call him! He spent a few months looking at different options and eventually we stuck a pin in a map and found Malaga. a city with direct links to Bournemouth, only a couple of hours flight if we ever needed to get home and a climate that we both dreamed of.

So we drew an imaginary circle around the city, and looked within a 50 mile radius for a new home.

Our first trip out here at first seemed fruitless. we looked at many properties to the west of Malaga but nothing clicked for us. We were about to give up and go home when we decided to look to the east of Malaga. we drove to the beautiful town of Frigiliana, and saw our new home.

We moved out in the July of 2015. Our new villa had incredible views over the Mediterranean. It was clean and new and a perfect place to begin our adventures. We spent 6 wonderful months recharging our batteries and thinking about the future.

After 6 months we began to look for our forever home. I don’t really know how we found The House of Oranges, but from the moment I saw it i knew that this would be home.

so we moved here in the January of 2016. It was cold. The house was cold. It had been empty for a year or so before so the bones of the house were damp and lonely. But we saw its potential, and I will forever say that that first few weeks that we were here I felt more at home than I had ever felt in Bournemouth. I felt like my soul had found its place.